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hello this is a place for people who are either recovering from ana or are still suffering, a place to share, vent and just talk about the issue

ED Resources: A List! :D

Posted By fmw on May 8, 2008 at 2:11PM

Hey, I just joined this group, but I figured I'd tell you guys that I made a list on here of Websites that offer good info & support for people struggling with various types of Eating Disorders! You can find the list right here: {Eating Disorder Support, Info & Resources}

I included stuff around the world for random countries as well. :)


sorry its been a while

Posted By gemmasurf on Sep 17, 2007 at 6:47AM

i didnt make my goal... well i honestly never do.. i can tell that the weight is coming off but its not enough, i am working out everyday, someway or another, gym or yoga... and only 500 calories or less, i think i am changing it up enough to give my metabolism a boost, i dont know though.. we will see, i can tell that my perscrip. is kicking in... it is supposed to be a hunger suppressant. not that i really feel hunger pain any more, its usually me just getting cranky or its 11 and i know i need to eat or i will crash the next day... oh well stay strong,

new focus, have to do good

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 19, 2007 at 9:23AM

so yesterday i found out that i was going home to see my family and old friends back home in texas, last time i was back home and saw all of my old high school friends i was at my lowest weight and now i have 2 weeks to get back there, today i look in the mirror and i see good things, but the problem is the distortion.... in a day or maybe even minutes i will look again and see problems and flaws, i know i need to work harder and get thinner for the trip,
i have only 2 weeks and i know i can do it! my beau will be gone the weekend before so he will not be on me to eat dinner and all at night so i can watch my own eating and make sure i reach my goal, i am really focused now, i feel good and i want to look different, a good different for my friends,
i have to buckle down and now is the time, wish me luck!

today... long... yesterday... bad

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 13, 2007 at 9:30AM

So.. today is gonna be long, i have only had a coffee and its only 12! i have another 9 hours to work and i dont know how im gonna make it! agrh! this week is gonna be hard! yesterday was bad too! i went into work, went to the mall for a bag, then went home and all day i only had a cup of green tea, i was making dinner for some friends and my beau.. a healthy dinner of black beans and rice, spicy and lots of veggies. well. i was so hungry all day! where did this come from?

i am on this pill that i am taking for my migranes. it is supposed to help with hunger, i was supposed to loose weight on it but in reality i seem more hungry on it than ever! what are the odds?!

MY new name... my doing! Go figure

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 10, 2007 at 4:23PM

haha... good story, i did not know just how visable the screen name would be when i signed up, hence.. the new handle.. like it? well anyways, today was good, i was notified by the great moderators here at team sugar and everything is great,

as for me today has been good, work is stressfull, my workout was great! like 400+ cals with only about 200 consumed today! woohoo i was motivated! but still no signs of my effort! i hate this time... when you see no fruits of your labor! oh well, got to keep positive, i do feel very weak today and so i think a light dinner will do me good, i have a super crazy day of work ahead of me tomorrow and then a week of screaming kids and long hours again so despite the haunting calories of 500 and 800 i will be burning off alot running after the rascals and i will work out in the morning and night as well, i have to do something to get off this plateau I am on... maybe our viewers have some suggestions..? anyone?

new name... not my doing

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 9, 2007 at 7:57PM

so i guess the name change is due to the neg. about being ana, i want this to be a place for recovery but also for those who are afraid to recover.. ie me... but whatever, i think its great that the blogs have so many views but no one wants to comment to get to know the people in here, well the two of us who have come out about our problem,

to all of those other 200 people who read the posts and are interested please feel free to msg me... i wont bite..

back to food business, i was made a great meal by my beau last night so i ate like a cow, so today i have worked out twice and only had 200 cals. my friend at work was speaking with her bf about being ana and she was explaining that she didnt want to be ana but she couldnt help it, if i could have a day of no gult of what im eating or how ugly i look, i would be so happy, any ways, welcome to the new group... pro recovery! haha

yeah for today

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 5, 2007 at 3:44PM

today has been great... no work, slept in... then i went to the beach for 4 hours and got a great tan... i have only had water... yeah... we are going out for dinner to a thai place... maybe i can turn today into a fast and only have a drink.. we will see. thank goodness the sun makes hunger go away... yeah! i feel ontop of the world today!

hello all

Posted By gemmasurf on Aug 4, 2007 at 12:10PM

so today i have done well, only a coffee drink and its already 3:00! i had a few nuts bc i felt like i was about to pass out, i am going to go home and work out after work and then out to dinner with my beau and there i will have a dry grilled piece of fish and veggies. seems like a good plan. only white wine to drink tonight, no mixed drinks unless they are diet! wish you all the best today guys!